Wardley mapping linkageddon

Wardley mapping linkageddon

WTF is that?

A good overview on Youtube. In short - it's a method to map value and business landscape, finding ways to "attack" it with products + build the basement products/platforms supporting the next one an empire.

Shorter still ⇒ a way to reduce the entropy in a planned way.

How do I learn it?

The fastest I found is watching the videos here: Learn Wardley Mapping. Here's also a cheatsheet on every aspect of WMing.


A usual awesome Github compilation containing almost everything possible...


When you start working with WM, you map...and then you're "OK whatcha gotta do with that?"

Simon Wardley identified forty universal principles that are basically best practices for companies that wish to be able to adapt to the changing landscape fast.

More on the Doctrine yeah it sounds a bit arrogant: Doctrine | Wardley MapsEnhance Your Retrospective With Doctrine | Wardleymaps.com

And yeah, there are some tools to assess your company/team on that.


The usual toolbox bias, aww yeah. Just some compilations

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