Moore's perspective

And 13 years' worth of progress

So I've stumbled upon an article mentioning that the most powerful supercomputer in 2010 was Tianhe-1 with a peak performance of 2.5 petaFLOPS.

China Restarts One of World's Fastest Supercomputers | Data Center  Knowledge | News and analysis for the data center industry

Fast forward, it's 2023. We've got Graphcore IPUs available for free (ref link so I'll use it for paid plans...) at Paperspace.

And they've got... 1 petaFLOPS with FP16 (half-precision floating point format):

Okay, okay, Tianhe-1 has 2.56 on FP32, with the free IPU having just 0.25... But just think about it: 13 years had passed, and we've got 10% of the world's most powerful computing unit power, costing $20M/year in operating expenses and serviced by 200 people worth of staff, for free. And it weighs about 16.5 kgs instead of a datacenter-level size.

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