Linkageddon [AI fun]

Someone's too lazy to think and write, yeah


Definitely applicabe anywhere

HowToReplyTo is applicable outside dating - you can choose an answering character and even slang, doncha matey?

HotConvo can help by generating icebreakers with even a bio screenshot!


Perplexity uses ChatGPT + Bing search to, it seems, summarize a request & provide relevant sources. It can't use all the ChatGPT's power, so it's not like you can use Kanye's tweets to write a medieval poem, yet still pretty good for answering - kinda like Elicit, but general-purpose.

Boring neural networks

AI4Diversity on LinkedIn: #AI #AImeme #funny | 13 comments

Deepmind had, without much drama (didn't notice it), released a model for writing screenplays, Dramatron. Why isn't it called ShakesPeAI is out of my comprehension, yet here it is.

Backpropagation ded: only forward (and again)! Forward-forward propagation is proposed for self-supervised learning.


OpenAI released Whisper, a general-purpose speech recognition + translation network.