Bifurcation, charts and communities

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What's one thing that describes the current world?

Period-doubling bifurcation - Wikipedia

Cascading fucking bifurcation.

We're approaching rising complexity and unpredictability, with the period to next "woah" decreasing and the amplitude of change - rising.

So it seems exactly the time to integrate OODA loop in our lives and iterate over it faster. Startup culture had already adopted it, and we can see the same mile-long advances in AI.

The real question stays the same: what will happen when the iteration period itself reduces to unintelligibly low values? As Hegel mentioned, a rise in quantity to its limit is followed by a qualitative leap. Basically, a rise in abstraction level in both research, progress, life and interaction?

What Are Abstractions in Software Engineering with Examples

Okay, one way to find out: adapt and scream running in circles 🧬 Apart from the usual AI interaction engineers I can see the profession of, I dunno, complexity/ambiguity therapists emerging, maybe? Not all of us are okay with things changing at an increasing pace, and we shouldn't be - we were made for slower times, for a bit more certainty, order and non-overloading information streams.

Netflix's growth hack for traditional TV

Charts charts charts

So, we're venturing into complex systems and emergence. One way to deal with them is charting them on some landscape. Sooo...

A nice text-to-graph website: Flowchart Fun. Looks really fun:

Glamorous Toolkit is a mapping and development environment built in Pharo, a dialect of Smalltalk. Looking like everything and the kitchen sink, but the thing that interested me is the inbuilt Wardley mapping. May be of some use to someone.

  • An awesome write-up on how to register Stripe in unsupported countries. Spoiler: you'll have to use Wise with a shameless reflink, they'll kick me out anyway (or maybe another neo-bank providing international bank accounts, such as Zen. Careful about this one, as their, say, "1 virtual card free" \= "1 virtual card in the lifetime of your account, then plz shell out 5 EUR")

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